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I’ll be here
when you're
done with diets.

I’ll be here when you're done with diets.

Dr. Ashley White is a trusted physician and ally to people who are done with dieting, bringing them programs and culture-shifting concepts so they can feel good in their bodies.

She built a way of changing your relationship with eating by unifying her clinical, educational, cultural, and personal experiences into a model of radical acceptance where weight does not equal health. She built it for herself because she personally felt the impact of weight stigma in her life and dedicated her role as Doctor to finding a way to help end it. It’s called Responsive Eating™ and she’s made her ground-breaking system accessible to you in The Anti-Diet Diagnosis program because she wants you to feel better in your body too.

Dr. Ashley White has your back as you set your own health agenda so you can feel good in your own body on your own terms.

Ready to meet a Doctor who won’t prescribe weight-loss as a goal? Or default to blaming your poor health symptoms on your size?

Ready to meet a Doctor who has lived in a larger body and gets it? And who will walk with you to unlearn the myths and grow in acceptance of what actually makes you feel good in your body?

Dr. Ashley White is on a mission to help people in larger bodies to feel good regardless of their size through an acceptance that weight does not equal health.

Meet Dr. White

Hi, I’m Dr. Ashley White and I’m so glad you’re here.  With my signature methodology Responsive Eating™, I’m here to help you find freedom from weight loss and diet culture.  I invite you to join me in writing your own health agenda so you can feel good in your own body on your own terms.

What is Responsive Eating™?

Responsive Eating™ is a mind-first system for creating eating experiences that are aligned with your hunger and your values. It equips you with the evidence-based knowledge and skills you need to be liberated from food and body stories that do not suit you, while becoming healthier in the process.

Responsive Eating™ helps you live your life fully, and on your terms.

Work with me

“It’s not you,

it’s diet culture.”

Introducing the Responsive Eating™

Responsive Eating™ is a program for people in larger bodies who want to learn appetite literacy, gain an understanding of weight bias, and desire to feel good in their bodies, regardless of size. This program will help you change the way you think about your body and brain, their place in our culture, and the space you take up. Learn to self advocate with friends, at home, and with work groups to protect your new way of thinking about and experiencing food and body. Never buy another weight loss program, diet book, or quick-fix again. 

Ready To Free Yourself From Diet Culture Forever? ​