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I’ll be here
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done with diets.

I’ll be here when you're done with diets.

If you’re ready to change your relationship with eating, shed the shame, and finally feel good in your body, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Ashley White. If you’re struggling with diet after diet, unable to feel good in your body, know that you’re not alone. As an Appetite Coach and experienced medical doctor with my own lived experience of being in a larger body, I will show you how to quit dieting and find your Life Weight.

Using my signature Responsive Eating™ methodology, I help my clients to feel better in their minds and bodies so they can live fully on their own terms and free of diets. Read more about my story here.

My unique approach.

You’ve been told your whole life that weight is managed through diet and exercise.

That’s not true.

The best medical evidence tells us that three things can help you with weight: behaviour, medications and sometimes surgery.

Behaviour is how we act. How we act comes from how we think, what we feel and what we believe.

The Responsive Eating™ framework is my unique approach to behaviour change. It helps you escape the endless dieting cycle known to most of us. Using my personal history and clinical knowledge, I devised a framework to help you shift your mindset, learn to analyze your Appetite and discover that there’s more to living your life than the next fad diet. The path to health – in mind and body – does not include another diet.

I offer a self-study program alongside a high-impact, one-to-one coaching service to suit your lifestyle, challenges and growth.

Dr. Ashley White is on a mission to help people in larger bodies to feel good regardless of their size through an acceptance that weight does not equal health.

Why choose me?

As a highly qualified coach, doctor, educator and parent, I use my expertise and knowledge to support people stuck in the same loop of weight loss, gain and dieting that I know too well.

Since developing Responsive Eating™, I’ve supported dozens of clients to break their relationships with dieting, learning more about their bodies beyond the number on the scale. My client-centered approach assumes that the power to change is already inside of you. Change can happen through our work together with no need to buy into ineffective diets, restriction or unhealthy eating habits ever again.

What is Responsive Eating™?

Responsive Eating™ is a mind-first system for creating eating experiences that are aligned with your hunger and your values. It equips you with the evidence-based knowledge and skills you need to be liberated from food and body stories that do not suit you, while becoming healthier in the process.

Responsive Eating™ helps you live your life fully, and on your terms.

What is

Appetite Coaching?

I developed Appetite Coaching to fill a gap between medicine, therapy and coaching, using the framework of Responsive Eating™ and the concept of Appetite Literacy.

This is how it works: