As a trusted clinician, educator, and parent, Dr. Ashley White’s mission is to use her signature methodology of Responsive Eating™ to facilitate appetite literacy so that people in larger bodies can unlearn, push back against, and liberate themselves from diet culture.


Dr. Ashley White is an industry leader in challenging the weight-as-health dogma. Her groundbreaking work with Responsive Eating ™ has encouraged a critical shift in the medical field in the way people with larger bodies are perceived and treated.


Dr. Ashley White helps her clients feel better in their bodies and see the culture around them critically so that they may advocate for themselves and make informed choices regarding their appetites, which increases energy, comfort, and mobility, regardless of their size.


As a clinician, educator, and entrepreneur, my work honours and follows these 8 values:

  1. Patient-centred
  2. Learning
  3. Evidence-Based
  4. Self-Compassion
  5. Anti-oppression
  6. Body neutrality
  7. Acceptance
  8. Anti-diet culture

Meet Dr. White

“I will have your back against diet and weight loss culture so you can feel good in your body, regardless of your size!”

Hi! My name is Ashley White and I developed Responsive Eating™ to give myself, and the people in my life, a different way of experiencing the world in a larger body and to put mental and physical health at the centre of medicine for people in larger bodies.

In 2021, through Responsive Eating and enrollment in my own medically-supervised body program, I lost some weight. A colleague of mine, one who has ignored me for years, came up to me, touched me on my arm and told me she thought I looked “well”. This is fatphobia in health care. This is seeing my body as a reflection of my worthiness, as a professional and a person. It is hurting us more than the weight itself.

My personal experience is similar to so many who grew up in a larger body. I experienced stigma towards my body for its size so often that it became part of how I saw myself.

I mourn missed opportunities because of the way I saw myself.

I mourn time spent overthinking food and body stories that did not serve me.

And if I offer one thing to the people around me in this life, it is this shift:

You are impossibly more interesting, important, and wonderful than the body you inhabit. But if food or body change is important to you, please do it for you, according to your values, and on your terms.

I have an undergraduate Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science, with a minor specialization in economics, from McMaster University, a Masters in Public Health, from Simon Fraser University, and I hold an MD from McMaster University. I completed my residency in family medicine at McMaster in 2017 and I ran a comprehensive rural family practice from 2018 to 2022. I also completed three months of additional emergency medicine training at the University of Toronto in 2017 and became formally certified in emergency medicine in 2021. I am a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. 

I run the Responsive Eating™ clinic, which is delivered virtually through courses, coaching and clinics to people all over the world.

I am married and have one daughter, and a 12 year old cocker spaniel named Arlo.

I’m genuinely excited you’re here and I’m ready to work with you to help you say goodbye to diet and weight loss culture so you can feel good in your body!

About Responsive Eating™

Responsive Eating™ is a mind-first system for creating eating experiences that are aligned with your hunger and your values. Responsive Eating™ equips you with the evidence-based knowledge and skills you need to be liberated from food and body stories that do not suit you, while becoming healthier in the process. Responsive EatingTM helps you live your life fully, and on your terms.

Responsive Eating™ has no rules. This is going to be weird.

Responsive Eating™ is different from Intuitive Eating in that Responsive Eating™ recognizes that the appetite (i.e. intuition) is not always wise.  The appetite is very primitive and activating the more thoughtful, executive parts of the brain to help frame and understand the appetite – without ever trying to deny it – is where Responsive Eating™ works.  This is called cognitive restructuring, or changing our thoughts so we can change our feelings so we can then change our behaviours, with the ultimate goal of living our best lives.  Responsive Eating™ also understands that some of our appetite, or much of it in some cases, is genetic and not easy to change, if at all. 

Absolutely! Responsive Eating™ is a behavioural approach that specifically names diet culture as part of the problem, de-emphasizes weight loss as a treatment goal, and is designed to be self-directed, and self-applied.  

I created Responsive Eating™ because I needed a behavioural system that helped me spend my day thinking about my life, and not my food and body stories. I have dieted so many hours and days of my life away, that didn’t necessarily add years to my life in return. It was a false promise. The system is my effort to get that time back and sharing it with you is an honour.