Imagine a life free of dieting

It’s absolutely possible for you to gain a fresh understanding of your Appetite and be finally ready to stop dieting. Read my story to find out more…

Diet culture and your health

From a young age, I’ve always been aware of my larger body and the bodies of the friends and family members around me. From diet talk at the dinner table to my family taking on the next, newest fad diet together, my young life was dictated by the numbers on a scale. Paired with an unusually large Appetite and a tall height for my age, 12-year-old me felt I stuck out in all the wrong ways. My story is just one of many that proves how damaging and harmful diet culture can be to your friends and family and your mindset and mental health.

The turning point

When I left for university, I quickly found myself on the other side of diet culture. Obsessive dieting, high levels of physical activity and positive encouragement from friends and family led to me losing a lot of weight and to quite disordered eating. Later, I entered stressful medical training and rapidly gained weight. During my adult life, my weight has varied by 100 pounds. The difference in perceptions from colleagues and loved ones as my body grows and shrinks is striking. I was treated as less intelligent, capable and visible as a larger person – that’s when I knew I needed to change my whole perspective on weight, food and toxic diet culture.

Many of my clients assume they’re not living the life they want because of their size or because they can’t “get control” of their appetite. But it’s weight bias itself that holds people back and convinces them that if they’re not dieting, they’re not trying. In Appetite Coaching, we dig in to find the food and body stories that are holding you back from living life on your terms. We then challenge these stories and create space for new ones, all while helping you design a life aligned with your values.

The introduction of Responsive Eating™

After enrolling in a medically supervised program for weight, I finally quit dieting. I was so educated and experienced with diets and nutrition, but I had never taken a step back to ask: What is the Appetite? Why does it feel the way it feels?  How can I create a life that doesn’t feel controlled by the whims of my Appetite?  What does it mean to be a Big Eater, and how can I turn this into my superpower and stay healthy and strong? 

Using my experience and clinical knowledge, I developed the Responsive Eating™ framework. Providing myself and the people I care for with a new and different way of experiencing eating. By putting my physical and mental health above calorie counting or restrictive diets, I built a healthier relationship with food that benefits me and provides my daughter with a childhood free of diet talk, restrictive eating and poor body image. 

The key? Find my values.  Build a life around them.  And watch the Appetite adjust using Responsive Eating™.  

You can step off the dieting bandwagon

If I – a Big Eater with a high stress job and young children – can learn a new way to eat and live, while reaching my Life Weight, you can too. As an Appetite Coach, I help people quit dieting, find their Life Weight and design their lives around their values. Learn more about my programs or one-to-one high-impact coaching by booking an Appetite Assessment here:

About Responsive Eating™

The Responsive Eating™ framework is a unique approach to our mindset surrounding our food and bodies. Created through my extensive experience and clinical understanding, Responsive Eating™ helps you create eating experiences that are aligned with your values and serve your Appetite. You no longer need to worry about willpower, control or restriction. These concepts don’t have a place in Responsive Eating™. In our work, we will focus on values, Appetite Literacy, mindful strategies to work with – and not against – Big Eating and resilience. These are tools for life and you’ll find yourself working with these concepts in everything you do – eating, shopping, drinking, spending and working.

I tried intuitive eating. My own neurobiology and past eating habits made it very, very confusing for me. I don’t experience fullness easily. I hear this from my clients too. Intuitive eating is focused on hunger and fullness but there is way more to eating than that. Most of my clients can eat deeply into fullness. So can I.

This is where adding the dimension of wanting as well as the dimension of diet culture (as reflected in a long history of repeated diets) makes all the difference.

And that’s Responsive Eating.

Absolutely! Responsive Eating™ is a behavioural approach that specifically names diet culture as part of the problem, de-emphasizes weight loss as a treatment goal, and is designed to be self-directed, and self-applied.  

I created Responsive Eating™ because I needed a behavioural system that helped me spend my day thinking about my life, and not my food and body stories. I have dieted so many hours and days of my life away, that didn’t necessarily add years to my life in return. It was a false promise. The system is my effort to get that time back and sharing it with you is an honour.