Ontario Patient Referral

If you are an Ontario MD or NP who believes their patient is a good fit for The Anti-Diet Diagnosis program, please complete the secure referral form below. Thank you for helping to empower your patients. After you refer a patient, they will receive a note from our office. They will be placed on our waitlist for OHIP-covered patients and they will be notified when they can enroll. It is recommended that they purchase the Responsive Eating (™) online self-directed course, but not mandatory. Once they complete the program, you will receive a comprehensive report on their experience with us and this should help guide care related to weight for the coming year.

Ontario Physicians or NPs can fax a referral from their EMR to Dr. Ashley White via fax.  The 8 week intensive program is insured for patients in Ontario with valid OHIP with a referral from a physician or NP.