One-to-one high-impact Appetite Coaching

Follow the Responsive Eating™ methodology with bespoke one-to-one support and achieve life-long results.

An Appetite operating on autopilot, your genes and diet culture are keeping you stuck.

If your mind is occupied by a constant stream of food and body chatter, you aren’t alone. These thoughts don’t have to be the loudest ones in your mind. Whether you’ve tried fad diets or fasting, you know that in the end you’re typically left with frustration, more weight and worsened self-esteem. In reality, it isn’t that next five or ten or fifty pounds that’s holding you back. Your mindset makes all the difference, and I have a solution that lasts a lifetime. Here’s how it works.

Work with me one-to-one over eight weeks

Dedicated one-on-one support is vital for creating sustainable change. In one-on-one Appetite Coaching with me, we work through the Responsive Eating™ framework in eight weeks.  

With my eight week program, you get unlimited email support between sessions, lifetime access to the Responsive Eating™ Self Study Course (Value: $250 CAD), voice memo summaries after each session and guidance on the work to do between sessions.  I work with only a handful of clients at a time so my energy is directed at your transformation.  

The investment required for the eight week program is $3,000 CAD. If you’ve ever regretted money wasted on diets or fitness fads, consider this investment redemption for all of that.  

The Responsive Eating™ methodology

The Responsive Eating™ framework is a unique approach to our mindset surrounding our food and bodies. Created through my extensive experience and clinical understanding, Responsive Eating™ helps you create eating experiences that are aligned with your values and serve your Appetite. You no longer need to worry about willpower, control or restriction. These concepts don’t have a place in Responsive Eating™. In our work, we will focus on values, Appetite Literacy, mindful strategies to work with – and not against – Big Eating and resilience. These are tools for life and you’ll find yourself working with these concepts in everything you do – eating, shopping, drinking, spending and working.

What will life be like after working together?

Violetta struggled her whole life with managing her thoughts and feelings around food and her body. Her family used her weight against her over and over again. After eight sessions, she had a completely different take on her experience. She felt free to use the techniques of Responsive Eating™ to focus on sustainable change, for her and her body. The work of Responsive Eating™ is designed to bring you liberation from the constant strain of holding back your Appetite.

Hi, I’m Dr. Ashley White

My appetite does not run my life. In fact, it’s my superpower.
I’ve been a fat doctor, a thin doctor, a pregnant doctor, and everything in-between.

I’m acutely aware of this spectrum because I can’t recall a time in my life when my size wasn’t a factor. It has always been a core influencer of how I’ve been treated, received, and understood.

The messages I got, even in my family with larger bodies, was this: “Size matters and smaller is better.”

I’ve been on all of the diets you can name since the tender age of 12 and have been in recovery from an eating disorder for over a decade now.

Even as a physician, I struggled with my weight, body image, obsessive food thoughts, and eating.

Everything changed for me when I realized my appetite was a SIGNAL and not a COMMAND.

I have dozens of similar success stories reflecting the freedom and mindset that Responsive Eating™ brings to my clients’ lives.